Getting Bluetooth working with Spider and Beta Driver

I am having a heck of a time getting the bluetooth module working with my Spider and laptop.

I’ve done the most basic of setup with the following code to setup my bluetooth module using the codeplex driver.

            bluetooth = new Bluetooth(9);
            client = bluetooth.ClientMode;

But nothing happens at all. I do not get the item to pair, and using the “Add Device” option with my bluetooth I do not see it.

I’m running Windows 7 and I know that my bluetooth on the PC is working as I was able to connect my phone.

Is this the one you are using?

Sure is!

I have a simple Windows + Hydra app over on codeshare. The one thing I found was that to do the initial pairing without the on the PC, you had to NOT enter pairing mode in ProgramStarted(). I decided to use joystick pressed to then go into pairing mode.

I suspect that you could perhaps do the same if you did a thread.sleep(10000) so that the bluetooth module setup finished before it tried to go into pairing mode, but by using an external factor I could avoid relying on some arbitrary delay. is the program; note it uses an older firmware than you’re likely to be running.

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You sir are a genius! I can’t believe it was something so darn simple, it is downright horrible!

I put a timer in there for a 10 second pause after program started and entered pairing mode. I now have a Rover 5 running!

@ Brett - Is this something you can clear up on here please? GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

I am also going to be writing my own blog about my experience now that I got it working!

For those interested here it is in action - Redirecting...