Getting an error message when i comeback to the what is new page


from time to time i get a sql error when i’m do a page-back from a new forum item to the “what is new” page.

[quote]Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘’ at line 1
Query: SELECT COUNT(*) AS num_rows FROM forum_unread WHERE id_user =[/quote]

most of the time i have waited some time (reading) before i do the page-back action.

I do that a LOT daily and never seen any problem. What is your browser? I am using chrome.

Also, we have been making a lot of updates to the forum lately so you may happened that you saw the error while we are updating something.

Your session seems to be timing out. When you return to the unread page it does not know your user ID so the query errors. This will be fixed by tomorrow morning.

I don’t be sure of you guys already tried to fix this, but i still get, the error sometimes.

btw, When you can move the button next to the search link i’m happy to use that ::slight_smile:

Uhm, I do not know if I understand you correctly, but the button is next to the search link?

Are you checking the keep me logged in checkbox?

Is this the page that’s giving you the error?

[quote]Is this the page that’s giving you the error?[/quote]
Yes, that is the page. When i wait some time before i go back from bv this page to the unread page then i get above error message.

No idea what you asked me here sorry.

Josh wants to know , if you have check this checkbox here


Ha yes, i think so because i’m auto logged in :whistle: