Get output from a Billing Machine and print it via Thermal Printer

I am newly involved in learning micro framework and gadgeteer. Our project is to get the output from any commercial “Billing Machine”, process it with our interface and then print via our external Thermal Printer instead of Billing Machine’s internal printer. I made a few investigations and found Nic Villar 's project very useful, here is the link for others :

As I understood I actually need:

  • 1 FEZ Hydra Mainboard
  • 1 GHI Extender Module
  • 1 Thermal Printer (Sparkfun optionally)

In addition to these parts, I need 1 extra Extender Module in order to connect the output of the Billing Machine to my Hydra Mainboard’s UART. Please correct me if I am missing something. Also the second issue I wonder is what type of knowledge or command set datasheet etc. that I need in order to process the output from the Billing Machine?
I would be greatful if you give any type of advise, Thank You


Welcome to the forum!

Do you have more information about the billing machine?

Actually I am in the point of ordering needed devices from GHI. I want be sure before I make an order of needed hardwares.
The actual use will be in our Client’s Billing Machine which is made by a custom manifacturer from my country, that’s why for now I do not have information about it. However I can buy any brand of Billing Machine for testing purposes. I think I need a Machine with command set datasheet, then make a driver as a gadgeteer module in order to process its output, am I right?

As long as the Billing Machine can communicate through one of the supported interfaces (I2C, SPI, UART) you will have no problem to interface it with the Gadgeteer.

So I would go for:

  • 1 FEZ Hydra Mainboard
  • 1 GHI Extender Module (for printer)
  • 1 GHI Extender Module (for billing machine)
  • 1 Thermal Printer (Sparkfun optionally)
  • (optional) 1 OLED module for debugging
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Great reply, now I can make my order and start testing, thank you very much.

You are welcome!

Keep in touch. That project would be great to add to the showcase once it is done!

BTW, what is a billing machine? A cash register?

I would not buy any modules until I knew exactly how I was interfacing. Could also be Ethernet or RS-232.


Can you please tell me about the use of Hydra Mainboard and how it works in the module for the project as mentioned above.


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That makes sense. :slight_smile:

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