Get data from usb barcode scanner

I need the get data from a barcode scanner to my spider using the usb-host gadgeteer module.

The barcode scanner can be configured to simulate a keyboard but also like a raw device. It only needs to read the barcode and send the data to the spider. Have anybody did this before? Any advise on this please.

Finely enough I was looking at this last week…some of the scanners just send a serial stream.
Guess it depends on your device.

I think it send a serial stream when it emulates as keyboard. I hooked up a barcode scanner on my macbook and after I setup the scanner to act like a keyboard I a couple of number which shows up in my active app (text editor) on osx.

So with this in mind, 2 possible options; 1) a serial stream or 2) a key press

Have a look at it later today. First some quality time with the kids :slight_smile:

We have done this many times. Just treat is as a keyboard.

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