Gerbmerge Drill Woes

Since there doesn’t seem to be a forum on the Internet for asking questions about gerbmerge, I’m going to ask all you brilliant folks…

I’ve used gerbmerge to panellize 4 PCB designs into one 10cm x 10cm panel (49 boards total). Everything looked great until I started examining the drill file. It seems to have an invalid multiplier being applied and I’m not sure where/how to fix this despite spending the night trying to figure out its Python source. Has anyone else used gerbmerge? Did you have problems with your drills file?

Wow ian, I guess that’s a no.

Like I said… There is NO forum on the Internet for Gerbmerge… :wink:

However, there is a great Kiwi always willing to help :smiley:

What software did you use to create the pcb in the first place?


@ ianlee74 - so how did you fixed it?

A Kiwi friend with Altium… :wink: