Gauge for TinyCLR

I have ported a gauge from winform library, haha yes, I know we need to have better gauge looks ;D

TinyCLR version

but in the desktop version…

you need to make some adjustment in the drawing method, there is some limitations in the drawing library (eg. alpha support, drawarc, lineargradient)…

Go and grab it here: Gravicode/TinyCLR.BitmapGauge: This is gauge component for TinyCLR (


We have artsy people that can take your work and give it a make over. Thanks for sharing.


We just added them to our UI. Thank a lot.


Love it, thanks

No, thank you :slight_smile:

I was needing a gauge for a project so this is perfect. Nice work Mifmasterz.

How easy would it be to make a compass rose using this?