Gary is so cool

Cause he sent me a box :smiley:

Did I mention how cool and handsome he is? :whistle:


That’s very nice of Gary, I don’t hope somebody special to Gary gets wind of him sending parcels to other people … :think:

show us the package contents !

When placing an order, receiving a package is generally the last step. However, I do agree that I am handsome and super cool! :whistle:

Does it tick?

For all the government agencies reading this, Ian is only joking please don’t kick down my office door!


Our government would never do something like that… :naughty:

I heard that @ John will monitor our conversations but don’t tell him I said that…

Step one, put some stuff in a box. Step two, send that box. Step three, profit?

Might want to move step #3 into the step #1 spot or its going to be a short lived venture :slight_smile:

Not yet…but what’s more important is what the contents of the box will metaphorize into ;D

Once that happens, dont forget to follow Garys steps and send me my box :slight_smile:


(no words necessary :wink: )

I couldn’t help notice that profit had a question mark?

Not to take credit or anything Justin, but technically I am the one that sent you that box :wink:

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I guess someone needs their user privileges rexamined.

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@ Gary - Who is this @ Devin guy? I think introductions are in order.

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I’m actually not sure, I was thrown off with the “employee” by his name.

I was more thrown off by the fact that he’s been registered here a couple of years, but not much activity, until this week. Sounds to me like some part of the business is having some downtime so he’s got some spare time on his hands. Why isn’t he designing new stuff, or mopping the brows of those who are?
:smiley: .

Who is the girl at the GHI front desk?