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Gardgeteer Serial Number


Hello people!

Is there any way to have a unique identification number, like a serial number on a Gadgeteer board like Hydra and Spider?



seems to be obsolete and worked only to old modules, not the board itself.



seems to work only with modules not with the main board.

Is there any way to do this? I really need identify each device with a GUID or something like it.


Best regards…


you could use EWR to write your own configuration serial number into non-volatile storage. EWR=ExtendedWeakReference. Search the API and examples on your PC for how to use. That may be the only way that is not board specific (remembering that Spider is EMX based and runs the Premium library and is a mature product, Hydra is newer and not the same code base/features)


Thanks Brett! Will take a look on it. 256k memory that it says be reserved should be enough to what we need :slight_smile: