GameO - AppDomains

Is it possible that AppDomains are disabled on GameO?

The creation of AppDomain works.
But calls to Load and CreateInstanceAndUnwrap throws System.NotImplementedException

(on AppDomain.Current.* does it, but can’t be unload)

The example therefore i used was found on:

I tested it on my EMX device, there is the code working. Only after AppDomain.Unload freezes the EMX.

I remember @ Skewworks did a lot in that area. Check the following thread:

There’s a lot to know when working with AppDomains. Having it freeze on Unload could be caused by several issues. EXM will properly unload an AppDomain and it’s running application if done properly.

You can look at the application guide I posted on my website for a place to start. I’ve done a lot of work on it since it was posted and there will be an update when time permits, but it should still work well as a foundation for moving forward.

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@ Architect - thx.

I will try it out.

@ Skewworks - I understand. On NETMF it’s more different for some special behaviors against to the normal CLR. Therefore if have written a solution some years ago. If someone need. :wink: