Game Slate Round 3

Game recognition fail. This is Zelda :stuck_out_tongue:

Zelda forever! :smiley:

Skewworks forever!

Videos forever!

This is very exciting. Will tweet once I get to my laptop!

Skewworks, it is awesome! Can’t wait to see the code and make a game.

I want the game designer too. Get to work, no sleep for tonight.

That’s soooo nice!

Once the battle system and inventory are done I’ll send it out. I’m prett pleased with how his one turned out. I spent more time creating the map than coding too, which is always nice :slight_smile:

Looks very professional!

Freaking WOW!!! Gadgeteer is going off the edge of the map in terms of incredible as I’m constantly amazed at the cool stuff people are doing with it.

Well as Duke himself would say "Hail to the king, baby!"B :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Stunningly good!

WOW :o

So, who is the main BOSS in the Legend of Fez - Gus? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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WOW!!, Great work… cant wait for the sound effects…

@ Architect, I bet its FEZ Raptor… :wink:

Sound effects are as simple as slapping on the music module. I’m considering offering side-by-side support for the ChipworkX at some point.

Gadgetos can run on really anything but integrating it’s ability to load drivers on the fly and create drivers for all the devices would only slow down development of GameSlate; so we’ll just wait on that.

Legend of FEZ was just a proof-of-concept project for myself to show my new map buffering scheme would work better than the old one. And it did by a lot.

Full game is still coming and it will be available for everyone (with Hydra/Cobra/Chipworks) to play. Of course Cobra users won’t see the same level speed.

Either Gadgeteer option requires a minimum of T35 display & Joystick. Probably a button or two at some point.

This game would be nice to feature on the .NET Gadgeteer team site: We can do it. When you’re ready for prime time, please let me know.