Game Slate Early Beta Release

The first beta of Game Slate releases tonight! :smiley:

Right now the release is going to Architect, Gus and Josh; if you want in drop me at line thom [at] my username [dot] com. You must have a Hydra with T35, Joystick and 2 buttons (3 preferred). Those buttons can be either GHI ButtonModules OR any kind of interrupt button you create yourself.

The purpose of this release is to create additional interest/funding as well as acquire additional programming/development resources.

I’ll post a video of the beta in action tonight as well. For now here’s what the beta has

[ol]Adventure/Puzzle engine
Create and display Start screen (with background and options)
Create and display dialogs (with color coding & ability to fast-forward dialog)
Create a zone
Add up to 14 rooms per zone
Create unlimited CombinationLocks (demonstrated in example)
Create tiles & tilesets
Create sprites
Activate/Trigger/Kill sprites
Character & Sprite animations
3 layer render and collision detection
Enhanced credit screen (now supporting images, better 2 column alignment and colors)[/ol]

What’s missing
[ol]Inventory support
Using items
Sounds (we’ve send an updated MusicModule driver to GHI; hopefully that will make an upcoming release)
Room Zoning
Save/Load games
Precompiled games (support exists but not in this release)[/ol]

Oooh… That would look good running in the arcade cabinets devhammer and some others have been putting together.

Exactly what I suggested on that thread… stay tuned for a modded arcade enclosure. Maybe Gus can cut us a few (hint, hint, nudge, nudge) :whistle:

Just in time for weekend! ;D

Going to need a bigger one to fit that new 7" display in… :wink:

By the weekend I’ll probably have inventory & items working :slight_smile:

I’ve also been developing an IDE at the same time as the engine so you can create an entire game without any programming. 8)

Very cool. Let make some games.

I am hoping to have te first full game complete (minus sounds) by Monday.

Any more beta feedback for this build?