Game-O documentation Confusion

I was looking through the Game-O documentation , and came across a confusing paragraph.

Last two sentences conflict.

I received my Game-O yesterday. The first thing I checked was the installed TinyBooter and firmware levels. I found that Game-O did not have the latest versions of the TinyBooter and firmware.

I followed the documentation, which required going to a few documents, and was able to update both very easily.

Assuming that a good number of the Game-O clients are new to MF, I suggest that information be added to the printed information that comes with the Game-O on how to check if the installed firmware matches the installed SKD, and if there is a difference, where to find the information on how to update.

BTW, I was able to download Valentin’s Fetris game, update the references to the latest SDK, compile, deploy and play. Nice implementation!

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I received my little black beauty yesterday also.

I haven’t done anything with it yet because of this horribly impractical dongle… Without going out and buying a USB extension cable, I have no convenient way of connecting it to my PC which is under my desk and all of my USB hubs are designed to work with cables that are at least 3’ long.

Sorry to hijack this thread. I just can’t understand what GHI was thinking when they put this proprietary plug on a device meant to be open and hackable :frowning:

Just cut it and solder a longer end.

@ ianlee74 - We agree with you but we had no choice… long story!

By the way, this is the same cable use on nano shuffle : apple ipod shuffle usb cable

The trick is you need an old one from 2nd gen. The new ones have circuitry in them. The old ones are just straight cables.

@ Mike - [quote]Last two sentences conflict.[/quote]

My mistake. The document was originally written before Game-O firmware was finalized; at that time, the examples all ran without the library. After some changes in screen handling, the examples needed to be changed to work. After fixing example text, I went back and changed the Introduction; must have been [em]a sleep at the wheel[/em].

@ Jeff - Gee. that’s never happened to me before. :slight_smile:

Just keep writing the great documentation.