Gageeteer for VS2015

My computer is gone.
So, I need to reinstall everything.
I install VS2015 and the latest GHI SDk, Gadgeteer core…
But I can’t find the Gadgeteer template in VS2015 only showing in VS2013?
How to fix it?

Thank you so much.

Thank you
my Gadgeteer version is .NET Gadgeteer Core 2.43.1000.
I will go back to 2013 if I need Gadgeteer.

Thank you so much.

@ Tzu Hsuan -

I know VS2015 is not recommended for GHI MF projects, but if you have a compelling reason to use VS2015…

and if the templates are missing one possible cause is that the Visual Studio .NET Micro Framework project system extension has been automatically updated. The newest version (updated 10/20/2015) of the VSIX targeting VS2015 sets the default .NET Micro Framework target to 4.4; by default Visual Studio automatically updates extensions. This will also create a symptom of the references Net tab being empty and standard assemblies not being found (ex: Microsoft.SPOT.Native) and error when reopening VS2015 MicroFramework projects.
In VS2015, look under Tools | Extensions and Updates… | .NET Micro Framework project system for the version on the right hand panel.

I found the easiest way to fix Visual Studio…
[ul]Uninstall the netmfvs14.VSIX
Click the link at the bottom of the window to Change you Extensions and Updates settings
Disable automatic update for all extensions
Reinstall netmfvs14.vsix from the 4.3 SDK
Disable the NET Micro Framework project system on the Extensions and Updates panel.
Re-enable automatic updates
Uncheck the Automatically update this extension for .NET Micro Framework project system
Enable .NET Micro Framework project system[/ul]

The automatic update is fast, so the steps above are required to get to the setting first. Alternately you could unplug the Internet temporarily.

Hope this helps Tzu or someone else

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