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Gadgetos (Pyxis 3)


Quick video of showing off some of the new features and UI in Gadgetos (Pyxis 3) and a look at the PoC I’ve been working with getting FLEX ready (I promise the product model will look a lot better ;))




Always exciting


I sometime can beleive that all of these cool stuff can be done on our devices.
Thank youThom


You are the OS GOD! ;D


Thanks, we got a lot more coming in the next few weeks. We’re about 6-8 weeks out from having FLEX in hand and Gadgetos will be finished by then so look for more videos. :smiley:


Its really looking good :clap: , are you guys ready for all those technical questions, from Beginners to Pros :slight_smile: will you have an easy Beginners Tutorial for your products… keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


@ Alex, We’re ready for any questions you might have.

Tech docs won’t be available until right before the release of FLEX but it will be very similar to Pyxis 2 as far as programming applications.

We’ve tried to keep it really simple while expanding the interface. All this hardware stuff is built-in to the controls that come with Gadgetos and any new controls you might want to make can derive from the IControl interface and will automatically get hardware message events :slight_smile:


Sharp stuff!

…and now I know how to properly pronounce “Gadgetos” :slight_smile:


cant wait to get my hands on one! oooh the things i could do with FLEX… :smiley:


I’m hoping to open pre-orders this week. It will all depend on if I get the renders from the hardware guys or not.



Icons can be dragged & dropped (displaying the full image while you drag)
Icon spacing is done dynamically based on screen size
Hardware keys can now be used to navigate desktop
Desktop allows for an unlimited (except by RAM) number of icons
Desktop is auto-scrollable
Create Shortcut added to context-sensitive menu
Clicking user profile image show drop-down menu for easy navigation
Multiple sorting methods for files
Images & Text files auto preview on their icons


Yesterday, when my nephews visited, like all kids they wanted to play games. So I said sure… while they played cpu games on internet, they were sharing the keyboard to play a two player Flash based game ??? , so I said, um you guys need glove pie :think: , (if you dont know what glove pie is see link)

then I though… wait a minute!?!.. why does somebody make a game controller that can be programed in the game controller, that can keep the momentum going with out having to stop and go into the glovepie console to remap or make a button script.

I’ve seen ppl make some things with glovepie and the Kinect FAAST software see link

This is when I thought about the Skewworks Flex… besides having the normal apps, like photo, calculator, stop watch, and clock… and theres many more functions it can do, but if it is used as a game controller it can offer more than any other game controller…

Just by making it a simple game controller can make it accessible to glovepie, but you can go further; by adding hardware connectors for the Playstation controller, XBox controller, Wii contollers, PC contollers; so the user can use anyone there familiar with.

Adding a bluetooth connection will allow devices like this keyboard

and allow more freedom for any user to switch between the two, and will give the Skewworks Flex wireless capabilities, XBee will also help the wireless expansion.

A Windows XNA game developer might need all this, plus added sound effects played be Skewworks Flex like the Wii controller does, but in an more open format; like MP3, and change their gamers profile with saved settings at will.

The reason I say all this is because some ppl just need a finished product and dont have the time to start from bottom. If developers can sell their apps and added hardware {it doesn’t hurt to make a liitle money on the side} (execution file, not the source code) [then again I dont know how this is going to be handled, but it can be talked about.] it can help newbies get started and familiar with the community; GHI, .NETMF, Skewworks, and Technology over all. This is just one simple game controller, but more can be done.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


@ Alex,

Some really good ideas in there; I may have to implement a few of them. :wink:

Here’s a few tidbits for you.

  1. FLEX will allow users to connect to each other over network (either Ethernet LAN/Internet, which is currently supported, or wirelessly with ZigBee/WiFi as modules become available).

  2. FLEX can’t be used as a game controller yet, but it does allow you to connect multiple controllers to the same device.

  3. FLEX already supports PS3 & XBox360 controllers (wired)

  4. Bluetooth is available w/ a USB Bluetooth dongle.

There’s a rather massive list of abilities Gadgetos/FLEX has over Pyxis 2/Cobra which I’m sure I’ll post up sometime once the list has finished (or at least slowed) growing.