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Gadgetos (Gadgeteer OS)


Pyxis 2 is getting a major upgrade and a new name. Part of the Game Slate project, Gadgetos will be targeted to all Gadgeteer boards loading additional features (like LCD display, GHI specific features, etc) at runtime.

So the question is, what would you like to see in this latest incarnation of Pyxis?

EDIT: It’s worth mentioning that this will also work for non-gadgeteer devices (Panda II, Domino, Netduino, etc) and have both Graphic and Non-Graphic capabilities.


You should hold and and see what libraries come with gadgeteer. Those are still not public but they will be very soon.

From those, you can plan what you need better. The way gadgeteer is designed, I personally think, there is room for everyone to help gadgeteer and make some money as well. From offering modules and drivers to books and training courses.


True but always good to get a head-start. Pyxis 2 was a 6+ month build; granted Gadgetos [italic]should[/italic] be much faster since it’s based on Pyxis 2 but you know how overhauls go; once you get a list of goodies it just keeps growing.