Gadgeteering SDK Beta

Today we are pleased to make a beta release of the Gadgeteering SDK for the FEZ Medusa and FEZ Lynx products available on Windows. Much of the framework and many of the drivers are complete, but there are still bugs to be ironed out and we appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or bugs that you might have or find.

You can find a current list of module driver support here:

and you can find the SDK download here:


For first time users – a detailed walk-through – the development of a simple program:

The reference section at the bottom may be of use to anybody.

FEZ Lynx to follow soon.

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I think you are messing my brain with the concepts and naming again! Gadgeteering SDK R1 2012 Beta is that a part of the GHI NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2013 R3.

And have you really been preparing those examples for 2 year???


LOL Thanks!

Maybe this shad be called “native gadgeteering” sdk

Very glad about this, but I found it a bit confusing about exactly what gets installed and where to find what is installed.

For example, after installing the SDK it looks like it still expect to go the following folder and unzip the file.
c:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI Gadgeteering SDK\

Am I correct that I must manually unzip this? And where is the recommend place to unzip them to? (In the Arduino folder?)

I also saw that it put all the Lynx headers here:
c:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI Gadgeteering SDK\Headers\FEZ Lynx\Modules
But what about the actual code of these modules? Previous times when I download Lynx examples it included both h and cpp files, but now I see only h files?

The file is provided in case the copy we install gets corrupted. The install path is currently not customizable in the beta, but you can find it under Documents\Arduino.

Only the header files are provided for Lynx because we provide you with pre-built static libraries under Bin\FEZ Lynx. The templates that come with the installer for Lynx automatically reference the headers and libraries. The code files are still available at the repository, Since they are not needed to program the Lynx, they were not included with the beta installer.

@ John - Got it! Thanks for the explanation John.

Additionally, you can find some examples for Lynx under Documents\GHI and Arduino under the examples menu in the IDE. There is also a template provided for a Visual C++ project for Lynx in Visual Studio 2012 and 2013

Does that mean I can only use Visual Studio 2012 or later for Lynx development? It will be a pity… I have an old but very reliable XP machine in my lab area which has served me very reliably for all my development projects up till now. My laptop does run VS 2012, but its not as convenient as my trusted old XP desktop PC.

The source code can easily be compiled using early versions of Visual Studio, but it has not been tested. The static libraries that are provided in the beta were compiled using the Visual Studio 2012 compiler, so they will not work with 2010. But you are free to get the source from bitbucket and compile it yourself.