Gadgeteering our way to Jupiter!

Gadgeteer hasn’t landed on Jupiter yet, but it became a step closer in the last 30 days, as part of a NASA experiment that asked amateur radio operators to try and transmit signals to the spacecraft Juno. With that in mind, Stefan Heesch created a controller for transmitting messages to Juno, he aptly named the project SayHi2Juno.

Did it work?

[quote=“Stefan Heesch”]Yes, it did work :slight_smile: But I had to put the Gadgeteer into a metal housing in order to avoid EMC Problems:

Please note that the time shown on the photo is local time in Switzerland. Now waiting for NASA’s Evaluation of the Experiment…[/quote]

How did he do it?

Please see the image below and read the original forum post for more information,

NASA Juno Experiment :
.NET Gadgeteer :
Codeshare Entry :


Don’t forget to post the results when/if they become available. ;D

I checked the NASA related website this morning, still no results.

The results are discussed at the end of the video. Pretty cool!

A better one of the actual signal.

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@ skeller - Thank you for the update, that’s really cool!