Gadgeteer / xBee Robot / Control Panel

During my Christmas holidays I thought I’d work on a couple of fun projects and hopefully once I have them finished post them on YouTube and code share them as hopefully they are projects of interest to other people. This project was to create a Robot and Control Panel using just Gadgeteer and xBee as I wanted to spend a some time learning a bit about xBee. I’m using two XB24-Z7PIT-004 xBees and it seems that the communication favors router to coordinator as the robot is good about returning its heading and distance to any object in front of it, but the control panel isn’t always good about getting the speed controls to the robot (and perhaps the motor controller isn’t always so good about making the motors do what they are supposed to do), so the thrill and fun of development continues. Once I get it to a point I’m happy with the results I’ll post a YouTube video and put the finished project into CodeShare.


Looking good, Duke! Get a couple more levels on that bot and you can call it a rolling hotel :slight_smile:

Looks great!

Good stuff Duke - now get one of Ians Zombie cannons on top and your good to go :smiley: