Gadgeteer workshop in Shoreditch London

I spent this morning down in London at the Modern Jago ( ) which is a popup space for people to hang out and talk Microsoft.

Steven Johnson and Paul Foster from Microsoft invited me to attend and asked me to ran a little work shop showing new recruits how to build a module while they showed off Gadgeteer later in the day.

So for the first 2 hours there was food and drink a plenty and i brushed shoulders with a few MS big wigs and learnt some very interesting gossip :slight_smile:

After this i spent the next couple of hours explaining to a dozen or so people the process of creating Gadgeteer modules and they all built their own RGB Pixels. Out of the 10 or so modules created there were only a couple of solder bridges on the SC-70 AND gate package which were easily fixed, so for complete novices this was a great success.

All of the guys that built the modules where rather pleased with them selves and very surprised how easy it can be. So expect a few more users on TinyClr :wink:

You have to love using rubbish tin lids as heat shields when cooking the modules :whistle:

All in all a very enjoyable morning :slight_smile:


Good job!

I was wondering about these lids! :smiley:

Did anyone ask for the URL to order modules? 8)

Thats why they had to make their own :wink:

Sounds like someone’s been having way too much fun. Nice job!

Looks like a top day. Well done chief