Gadgeteer Wifi module with TI CC3100

Well, I was really hoping to be at this point in October, but oh well. I can’t control the fact that this module got a bit delayed. I decided before integrating this module into my project I would just put it on a simple PCB first. Then I thought, maybe I should add a pcb antenna option to try (not FCC certified). Then I added a gadgeteer socket and then threw in a few useful buttons. The PCBs arrived today and I just put it together and it worked the first time, to my relief. I made this just for myself, but I can see this being useful for others.

The driver still needs work though. I took a break while I waited for the TI cc3100 module hardware to show up. The advantages to this module are an integrated web server, SmartConfig, and SSL.

I have attached a few pictures of the module.



Excellent, let us know how the testing goes.

Fantastic! I look forward to being able to try this out. A CC3x00 based module is long overdue.

Woo Hoo. There’s activity at last ! Looking forward to your progress on getting it working !! How can we help ?

@ Valkyrie-MT - Awesome! How is the testing going?