Gadgeteer vs Pure .NET MF

I’m wondering if i should start my project using Gadgetter or pure .netmf…

I know that I need more eletronic knowledge to work with pure .netmf hardware, but how different is it to write code the gadgeteer way vs the .netmf way when communicating with the hardware?


@ janfl - If you get the source code for Gadgeteer, you can see how to do everything in pure MF.

Gadgeteer is not moving forward. Don’t expect any future support.

I don’t recommend any new development in Gadgeteer. But, you can still buy the Gadgeteer boards and modules at a great price, and use them with pure MF.

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Agree with Mike, cheap hardware and use netmf… But the sale won’t last for more than a couple of hours :slight_smile:

Okay thanks.

I ended up buying gadgeteer board and modules in Europe. Sadly the tax and transportation kosts killed the GHI deal for me.

Have to keep an eye open if even more modules come up for sale at some time :slight_smile:


@ janfl - if you were on lot mailing list you would have received a coupon for free shipping :slight_smile:

@ Gus - How do we get on the mailing list?

@ Terrence -

@ Gary - Thank you.

Damn did not know that guess i’ll use it next time around :slight_smile: