Gadgeteer to GitHub?

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone knows if the Gadgeteer code base will move from CodePlex to GitHub.

I’ve noticed Microsoft has moved the .Net Microframe from Codeplex to Github, any insiders know anything? :slight_smile:

I hope they do move to GitHub as the SVN connection to CodePlex has been super poor over the last few months almost always returning HTTP 503 error.



Codeplex has been poor? How long have you been using the service?

Codeplex has always been slow, flaky, and feature-poor compared to GitHub. Beyond that, the community (and Microsoft) has clearly spoken; Codeplex is no longer the preferred hosting solution (assuming it ever was).

Codeplex is achingly, painfully, ridiculously slow (I just timed over 90 seconds just to change from a frontpage to code view, and zip downloads, often time out); it has no per-repo code search; supports only svn and tfs (and even tfs is only for authorized users), and is just plain an impoverished platform compared to competing offerings (bitbucket, VSO, github). Its a fine place for dead and dying projects, but no place to host an active or growing community - and I have been using it since it was created, but that doesn’t change the fact that in order to be attractive, it needs a development investment that just isn’t happening. Instead, there is a concerted move even within MS toward github for community projects and VSO for closed-source projects.

I would certainly second a move of Gadgeteer to github.


Why do I always pick the loosing technology.

You are just ahead of your time :slight_smile:

@ Mr. John Smith - It’s OK, at least you didn’t pick savannah or SourceForge.