Gadgeteer standard V2?

The DL40 is really a “dev board” for DaisyLink. It’s designed to be something you’d use to prototype a real DaisyLink module with. It’s intent is to expose the sockets you need (up/downstream) and then give you standard 0.1" header pins to access the IOs on the LPC chip. You’d then connect those IOs to your other peripherals.

DL40 isn’t “the answer” but it might be able to be used to prove a possible solution.

I think that is an awsome idea. Who should we call to make that happen? :wink:

Anyway, we still have other power-modes - sleep and deep sleep or standby or whatever?? The solder-monkey powerboard also indicates the need for some more power-intelligence. What I think should be done on the mainboard.

@ taylorza - This is cool stuff dude. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for explaining. :slight_smile:

My problem with understanding the DL40 module is the fact that it only has two sockets. I need a socket to connect backwards, and one to connect forward in the chain, and then one for the module that I need on the chain.[/quote]

You could wire the DL40 headers to one (or more) of these:

I guess it would depend on what you need — perhaps this would be more appropriate:

Currently, you need to provide the circuitry for that.

Based on Ian’s suggestion, it would be a function of the mainboard . I’m guessing the mainboard could connect/disconnect the ground to the socket.