Gadgeteer Spider Starter Kit, Panda II Internet of things and other stuff for sale

I have been unemployed for over 7 months; would like to sell some of my kits and parts (all in great shape).

FEZ GHI Gadgeteer Spider Sale

I have purchased several FEZ/Gadgeteer kits over the last 2 years that have helped me learn a lot about C# and 32-bit microcontrollers.
All the hardware is in great shape, just mildly used in my home lab.

FEZ Spider Starter Kit: (orig $249.95)
FEZ Panda II:
with the FEZ Internet of Things Kit…ran about ($120)(this kit is nolonger on the GHI catalog)
FEZ Domino: (orig. $69.95)

There are a bunch of modules: touch-screen color display, camera module, LED modules, push buttons, temp sensor, servo, LCD display. Over $400 of hardware originally, hoping to get a quarter of that since it is used.

The development site (to get code, drivers, etc.):
The store site of GHI Electronics:

Hi James,

firstly good luck with the sale - it should go well for you. I would expect someone to grab it at $80 as there’s a LOT of stuff there - I’d personally have put a higher buy-it-now on it.

Second, not interested in shipping to AU are you ? Appropriate charges can apply :slight_smile:

I would have put a higher price on it as well as frankly that is a lot of cool working stuff for a steal of a deal so I suspect that you will have a sale today.

I’ve often wondered why people limit themselves to only US on eBay as lots of potential buyers like my self are outside the US (ie Canada) and are happy to pay the shipping.

Good luck on the Job front as I think there are far too many people who know what your going through.

How could someone resist at $80?

Congrats to whoever bought it. Bargain

Wow… So glad I didn’t see this when it was still for sale… James5, you were robbed. Good luck to you man. Hope you come back when times turn around for you. I hope you kept one board for yourself. They’ve been known to swing an interview in your direction. :wink:

Good luck on the job search. I’m a bit older than you, and I’ve been in your shoes twice in the past 3 years. It’s tough out there for us old folk :slight_smile:

As Ian said, you should try to hang on to at least one controller and continue to improve your knowledge and skills.