Gadgeteer sockets, for only $0.50

GHI will continue in supporting the community in making more gadgeteer modules. We started by promoting the community wiki and we want to help with sockets.

Stop looking for cheap gadgeteer-sockets, we got them for you at $0.50 each. These are SMT but if you bend the pins out then they are TH-ish. We know 800 maybe too many bu you can always buy a reel with someone else and split it. In my opinion, if you make a nice module (and most already are) you will sell 800 in few months.

Hopefully we can install a second line and even manufacture your modules in future

Here it is

Very nice Gus and GHI! I would love to split one of these with up to four folks. Speak up if interested.

Excellent. That’s great, Gus.


@ Pete

Just in time! :smiley:

@ Architect

Well, I won’t be picking up a reel of 800 any time soon, but that’s a good deal if you are. :slight_smile:


Gus -

Is there any chance GHI would be willing to cut up a reel and sell them in chunks of, for example, 50?

We want to but we are not mouser and it would be too much work. But we are always looking to improve. Someone can buy a reel and sell in 50 pc for a bit of markup. Others will be interested I think.

I’m willing to buy a reel if I can get commitments from enough folks to unload half of it right away at no markup. From then on, there would be a TBD markup based on quantity purchased. I know these have been expensive to source in DIY quantities, so I’m psyched GHI is offering this. I haven’t generated enough module sales revenue to reinvest in this much parts stock, though :wink:

@ godefroi

Send me an e-mail.

Thanks, Gus. I’m sure someone here will be able to make some hobby funding $$$ repackaging them. $0.75/each is still a lot better than the singles price.

Put me down for 100, who is doing the buy?

@ Architect I don’t have any definite need yet, but I have an idea for another module in the works. I’ll let you know.

If there will be not enough for a full reel from GHI. I will be offering any amount for same price (promotional offer) starting this Friday. I will also have 10cm assembled cables I will update on price as soon as I get it on Friday.

@ architect - what have you got up your sleeve? Is Friday the debut of your new gadgeteer module website?

@ soldermonkey - if we get commitment for 300 more, I’ll be the middleman…

Come on guys… you know you want 'em.

@ architect - Its Friday, where’s the ‘Buy it Now’ button? ;D

@ soldermonkey - I posted the “share a reel” idea on the gadgeteer forum, as there was some interest there. I’ll give it another week before deciding what to do.

@ soldermonkey

Was supposed to be here this morning, but Fedex said it is going to be Monday for sure now. Stay tuned!

Suddenly: FedEx in VA now selling cut reels of Gadgeteer sockets at $0.25 per socket.

Lol! No, must be a snow storm or something in Alaska.

Don’t say that as I have stuff coming from there.