Gadgeteer.SocketInterfaces.Serial memory leak

I upgraded my FEZ-Spider to 4.3 version (2015 R1, pre-release2), with Gadgeteer-Core: 2.43.1000. I’m passing may times in a loop 50KB each time to the Spider, with the USB-serial module (each loop overwrites the previous loop). Seems that the new serial implementation has a memory leak, because after ~20 times I pass 50KB the device throws an “System.OutOfMemoryException”, and calls the GC. but the GC frees nothing, so it throws the exception again… so the device goes into a loop of System.OutOfMemoryException -> GC…

  1. In 4.2 I had nothing related to this problem
  2. when I pass the data via Ethernet it works fine.

please post a simple program that exhibits your problem.