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Gadgeteer Socket SMT Sale


Before i post a link. i want to make sure we dont step on the toes and cause bad blood with GHI for doing this.

We are going to start selling all our unused stock.

We have 38 tubes of the 10-pin "Gadgeteer Socket SMT"
Each tube has 22 10-pin sockets. We will not break any tubes.
We will sell each tube for $11 + shipping.

These are the same as the one listed here.

Update: GUS said ok so here is the link.


Sorry that it didn’t work out for you.

Thanks for the sockets.


@ mhectorgato

Thanks for the kind words and the order.


I changed my listing to a bulk buy and greatly lowered the cost.
For sale is 30 tubes of the Gadgeteer Socket, each tube with 22 sockets.
Get all 660 sockets for just $225!