Gadgeteer - Returning to microframework

Hi all.

Finally got into gadeteer after a long break from, still have my 2 year old trusty shiny domino :slight_smile:

Anyways i have few comments and questions. First impressions are wow on the spider and hydra really like them, susprised about how small the spider was for some reason. I noticed how easy the update of the firmware to 4.2 was compared to a couple of years ago, the updater utility is real nice. So i have the Spider and Hydra all patched up to the latest release (this weeks realease). dropped some code into both mainbards, just to illuminate the led7r modules, nothing special just for a first test really, all good i`m happy.

Now this is where my questions start to come, i decided to play with the spider , and daisylink multicolor LED module. i`m qiuite excited about the daisylink tbh. it seems the green and blue led are back to front, i have read up on the forums and it seems to be a old issue that has been patched, but from the modules drivers i have the swapbluegreen method is not there. i assume i need to download the latest core msi from the microsoft gadgeteer website ?? i was wondering if this is correct as i assumed the latest module drivers came when i downloaded the 4.2 package from the tinyclr support page. is this is incorrect ?

This all brings me to module drivers and expanding their functionality, i can see from the wiki it is possible to update drivers ourselves and reintegrate them back into vs studio as the current default driver, but i seem to think that when a newer sdk is realeased these would be overritten. What im wondering then is it possible for example to say take the led7r module driver expand its functionality, rename it to say myled7rdriver, and then add this to the directory where all the drivers are stored thus effecively haveing two differently named driver for the same module ?? now admittedly at the moment i done have a reason for this, it is just a hypothetical question as im trying to get my head round the gadeteer stuff, although i1ll probably try a modify some drivers as a lead up to designing some modules myself, i gotta a metric tonnes of ideas i want to impletment !!

Sorry for the long post, hope i`m making sense.


I believe that the reversed colors are a firmware issue on some multicolor led modules. there is now a property or method in the driver to correct the color problem. you have to call it.

you can also reload the firmware on the module. check the open daisy link project in the wiki.

while I don’t know exactly how to do it, I am sure you can modify an existing driver and re-integrate it into VS.

regarding the bluegreen issue, it turns out i just somehow missed the method from the drop down list, doh !

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Not your fault. :slight_smile:

It is not very often that a class includes a method to fix a hardware problem in some of the target devices.