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Gadgeteer Resources Post


Hey folks…I just posted a list of resources on my blog for .NET Gadgeteer…and I need your help…can you let me know if there’s anything I missed?


#2 - great UI libraries for NETMF/Gadgeteer - great post there on how to build a Gadgeteer module (I’d list again under blogs…) - Core API help files - Architect’s blog


@ Ian

Thanks for the reminders. I’ve added all those, and your post reminded me to add your blog as well. Now you have to start posting more Gadgeteer topics. :slight_smile:


No problem. Good job on the post, BTW.

Yea… It’s always a battle for me. Do I spend my night writing about playing or actually playing…normally actually playing wins. One of these days I’ll find a job that let’s me play during the day so I can write at night! :wink:


That sounds good when you say it like that. The trouble is that they rarely want you to play with the stuff you want to write about, so you end up doing a lot of it on your own time (and your own dime) anyway. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. :wink:


I agree. It’s too much like work, otherwise.

Coming soon! My only Gadgeteer board is the Hydra and it’s been a rather rough start on it getting through the beta phase. I have several projects in the works that I had to put on hold because something wasn’t working with Hydra or I’m waiting on a module that’s stuck at the border… It’s getting more stable every week though!



Thank you for adding my blog into your list. I am trying to add more content to it and hope your readers will not be disappointed. I have few more interesting Gadgeteer modules in the works and one big (I hope) surprise as well.




It’s well-deserved and my pleasure. You’ve built and written up 3 modules already…I can confidently say that anyone who is disappointed with your blog has unrealistic expectations. :smiley:

Can’t wait to see what else you’re cooking up. Would love to see a post on how you go from idea to full module, including getting a PCB made. That would be a wonderful resource for those of us who have some ideas, but aren’t sure how to take them all the way to a finished module.


Point taken. I’ll try to do my best.


Big V - You already do the best! That’s why you are a FEZ King!