Gadgeteer prototype to production

I’m in the beginning phases of a project that will control some CNC equipment. In the end I will move from prototype to custom board. The components I’m currently using are Spider, Ethernet, LCD with touch, serial port, SD, and USB host.

I’m not a hardware guy but I have a lot of .net under my belt so I am naturally drawn to this platform. My question is what kind of ballpark cost would I be in for this type of hardware at 1000 units. I know this is just a guess without laying it out but could anyone ballpark it?

I’m deciding on a platform I can get a beaglebone black and a 7" capacitive touch screen for about 160 one of but, I have no idea where I might come in with a .net mf option (I don’t need a 7" screen, a 3-4" is fine I just found the 7" that mates perfectly with the beagelbone).

Anybody willing to throw a ballpark guess at it?


I think GHI can offer this service. There is information on it here.

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