Gadgeteer on Facebook

I’ve taken over the Gadgeteer page on Facebook. It was left alone for a while and so had no content for, well, a long time. I’m still working on materials, look, etc. so it’s still in an interim state, but I’d like to start getting good content there.

If you have cool samples, videos, blog posts, events, and more that are related to Gadgeteer or NETMF, I’d love to share them there. Please feel free to post directly on that page, or if that doesn’t work, send it to me via PM.

The page is not for tech support questions, though. It’s for sharing cool stuff about Gadgeteer. Don’t be shy about promoting the great stuff you’ve done.

Also, remember when posting videos on YouTube, to include Gadgeteer in the description and as a tag. That will help people see the cool stuff you’ve built.

Of course, please like, follow, and share the Gadgeteer page and posts! Facebook buries content that doesn’t have a bunch of likes, and we all want to get the info out to as many people as possible.





Photos and videos are worth a thousand words and tend to travel furthest on Facebook.


Hi Pete,

Thanks for taking this on. We all really appreciate it.

This is a “Page” and not a “Group”. As such, users add “Post to Page”. It’s then your responsibility to add those posts to the timeline. “Pages” allow the page owner(s) to moderate the content. Adding posts to a page which aren’t included in the timeline is a waste of time b/c nobody will see them.

I’ve added several posts and they have yet to be added to the timeline. I wasn’t sure if you understood the difference… my apologies, in advance, if I’m incorrect.

In any case, I’d recommend converting this to a “group”. It’s a lot less maintenance and allows for a more interactive community.

Again, thanks for helping out!


I was looking at this very problem earlier today, and there appears to be no way to promote those posts so they get added to the timeline. It makes me wonder why the ability to share posts to a page was even implemented.

I’ll see if it’s reasonable to convert this to a group in a non-destructive way. Thanks for the tip.


Thanks for the good posts, btw!

Actually, there are a number of downsides to groups, as I’m reading this.

I’ll need to look into this a bit further before making a decision one way or the other.


Occasionally handing out flash-sale coupon codes on a facebook page is always a nice way to bring in the crowds :slight_smile:

Just sayin’ :smiley:

[quote=“Pete Brown”]
If you have cool samples, videos, blog posts, events, and more that are related to Gadgeteer or NETMF[/quote]
Does our quadrocopter video qualify? It’s not Gadgeteer, just plain vanilla NETMF.

Best regards