Gadgeteer module crystal question

Righto smart people…

Being slightly hardware challenged i need some advice on the correct crystal for a Gadgeteer module i would like to create.
I need (ok i want to) take the Cerb40 design and place it along with some multiplexer hardware on a module so hence the question…

12.000MHz 30ppm 18pF
12.000MHz 10ppm 18pF
12.00MHz 30ppm 20pF

Totally clueless…

All these should work.

What are you multiplexing?

Cerb40 may be an overkill for a module, but I don’t know what you are making. Anyways take a look at DL40.

@ Gus - Ta

@ ransomhall - RC and uC PWM

@ Architect - but that would mean C and i’m being lazy…
I need to read 5-8 channel PWM from the RC receiver and send and receive via uart to the host

This is already finished and will be available soon. Do not waste your time :slight_smile:

@ Gus - Yes i can see the heading in the Insider board but alas i cant read it…
Does your offer send the values of the RC back to the host controller? I need this in my application.