Gadgeteer MIDI Interface 1.2

Hi All

I sold out of all of my Gadgeteer MIDI interface modules earlier this year. I’ve gotten enough requests for me to do another run that I’m going to spin up a new batch.

Some changes:

  • All SMT, because basically no one wanted kits. This way I can reflow them and not have to hand-assemble each one. I’ll consider selling bare boards with a BOM if folks really want to assemble, but I’m not likely to package kits this time.

  • The new board uses a different opto-isolator. It’s much smaller than the 6n138, and significantly faster. I discovered this one when I went through the IO board in my Korg MS-20 kit. It’s the one they use: TLP2368. Obviously, I need to test it.

  • Black rather than blue solder mask this time.

  • MIDI breakouts compatible with the DIN boards I made last year (I’ll also make a DIN X2 if we stick with just in/out). This allows you to place the MIDI ports elsewhere in a chassis if you want to – especially useful if you’re retrofitting something.
    DIN x6 and DIN x3 | Breakout boards for MIDI or DIN Sync | Pete Brown | Flickr

The code will stay the same. This is compatible with the previous driver up on codeplex.

For folks who used the previous revision, or have interest in MIDI, any other things you’d want to see changed? For example, would you want a bigger board that has four mounting holes? What about a hardware MIDI Thru? Gadgeteer socket on top, or put it on the bottom this time? Smaller Gadgeteer board without any on-board MIDI sockets, just use the DIN board? Others?

I’d like to send these out for production before Thanksgiving.




Pete, did your original module used to be in the community/creations list? I might be interested in one. I don’t have answers to your questions, other than gadgeteer socket on top makes the most sense to me. I would like to see a BOM as a tipping point on whether I’d go with a complete unit vs board-only.

The original (blue) version used to be on the community page here. I know that went through a few revisions, though, so no idea if it’s still listed anywhere.

BOM is currently

  • Kycon MIDI jacks
  • A few 0603 SMT resistors
  • A couple 0604 SMT capacitors
  • SMT small signal diode
  • Gadgeteer SMT socket
  • A surface mount AND gate (SOT23, as I recall)
  • A TLP2368 opto-isolator (new piece of kit I’m trying out. I noticed the Korg MS-20 kit uses it instead of the usual)


FYI, I’ve ordered a run of these boards for testing.


Boards came in while I was in Europe. They look really nice :slight_smile:


Hi Pete,

I missed this completely … I hope you still have one left for me ?

How much are those boards anyway and their shipping costs ?



Haven’t set price or availability on these just yet. I’m testing out a new design.

If it works, they will be available just after the new year. No kits this time, though – all smt. Sold very few kits last time.


OK, Thanks.

I realized last night that I hadn’t actually hit “submit” on that mouser order, so my cart still had the parts I need for this.

So, after Christmas is when I’ll get a chance to finally test out the new design.