Gadgeteer LoRa module Laboratory testing…

Kiwi style :smiley:

So I decided to do a tightly controlled and highly scientific testing of my Gadgeteer LoRa module so came up with a robust testing matrix.

I have a fixed node in the house transmitting the current date every five seconds and due to the house’s close proximity to what us kiwis call a small tree lined hill but what the Poms would call a small mountain the module is in a prime location for maximum wave dilation…

On the other side of the equation I have slapped a magnetic wave amplitude extender on the roof of the bat mobile and gone for a fang.

As you can see from the video the Northland lab environment is not overly conducive to extended range low powered radio love but it did a fairly good job me thinks.

So not too bad at 3.11km without any real understanding of the radio settings so with a bit of jiggery pokery of the LoRa settings more range would be fairly easy I reckon.

For all you special people living in pancake land with Line of Sight…you will get much better range ;D


Officer: License and rego please
Batman: Bro, don’t you know me? I’m Batman.
Officer: No sir, you’re not.
Batman: Bro, I am, can’t you see I’m in the fully sik Batmobile? With the fully sik BatAntenna??
Officer: No sir, it’s not the Batmobile. Is that a camera in your hand?
Batman: Bro, yes it is, I’m recording this “radio test” for these nerds on the internet, honest. It’s really scientific stuff bro, can’t you tell?
Officer: step out of the vehicle, you’re coming with me.

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@ Justin - You are driving on the wrong side of the road. ;D


I thought it was a video replay of a rookie at Dirt Rally :-[
Science will indeed make a huge step :smiley:

Nice work, sonny :clap:

The correct side! And the wheel is on the correct side!! :whistle:

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Only if you watch the video reflection in the mirror. :whistle:

Wrong side? Heck, most of the time it looked like he was in the middle of the road. But, I guess it doesn’t matter because there are no lines or stop signs… I always wondered what roads in heaven were like.

Didn’t see the stop signs, just mail boxes. But I definitely can see two way traffic marking lines :slight_smile:

Back from the New Mexico mountains, have to go to work tomorrow, bummer.

First of all, you all have it wrong. I think this guy is from down under so the only way to decipher this unexplainable visual moving picto-graph is to turn your laptop upside down. The screwed up wheel in the fang and the road lane issue adjust out nicely. Try it.

Once I had turned my slate upside down it was clear that Justin has simulated LoRa comms at distance and speed. My truck emits beeps at 5 second intervals as well and I have no LoRa chips in it. My letter box is still waiting.

Looking forward to real proof :wink:

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