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Gadgeteer LCD module - only a white line at the bottom


Sorry, “newbie” post here. I just started with the Gadgeteer pack and have found that when I hook up the LCD module and try to “GadgeteerCamera” program, I don’t get anything but a 2-pixel line at the bottom of the LCD panel. This happens consistently on powerup and I don’t even see the text that is supposed to show when the unit boots, unfortunately.

I’ve checked the connections, changed them out, fiddled with the unit to no end, but I’m not sure if I have a bad LCD, bad firmware or just fumbled the install somehow. Any suggestions on where to start checking?

Thanks in advance!!


Check for reliable power source and please take a picture of what you see and post back here.

Welcome to the community.


Sorry, I probably should have mentioned that it’s a Spider unit.

Here is a picture of the system plugged in. The unit is connected to a variable voltage “wall wart” power supply putting 9V into the system. As you can see, the line at the bottom of the LCD is all I get.

Thanks again for your help!


All looks ok so far. Did you make a program on the gadgeteer designer with LCD and loaded it?

The gadgeteer core will disable the LCD interface if you do not add a display in the designer.


Yes, I loaded up the “GadgeteerCamera” test program described in the documentation. I didn’t install the camera or button for the pictures, but that is what is running on the unit right now. I have the display unit on the designer as well, in addition to the other modules. Attached is a close-up of the LCD. Maybe that helps?

I noticed in the FAQ something about having to use MFDeploy to set some ID when I created the first program? I’m unclear on whether that would be an issue since I’ve sent this program to the device multiple times and the debug output looks fine.

I’m wondering if I should just try something simpler to send to the display to troubleshoot it?


I am starting to think you do have a hardware problem but I think do not understand the line! I never seen this before.

Did you buy your kit from GHI directly?


Yes, I was one of the pile of preorders that GHI received. I can look up the exact order number if you’d like.


Any difference if you plug in the touch cable?


Unfortunately, no. It does the same with or without the “T” connection. :’(


Have you tried using the usb cable to power up the hardware without using the 9V power supply?


Please mail/phone us directly and we will arrange for a replacement


Nope, sorry, same issue using the USB cable to my PC.

Gus, I will call in today to see about getting the replacement.

Thanks for all the help!!