Gadgeteer is the One

While tonight’s attendance was a little down (apparently the newly arrived summer is tough competition), tonight’s class provided yet another experience which would have Morpheus claiming Gadgeteer is the One. We had some open seats in our class tonight and one young fellow who was in the store looking at phones asked if he could join in as it looked interesting. Once we got into the class I discovered that he had no experience with programming, never even seen or heard of Visual Studio before, but no panic, this is a 100 level course which includes a brief overview of C#, and given my attendance was down, I had some time to give him some personal guidance with coding. Now I’ll give him full points for jumping in there and going for it, but given Visual Studio’s coding features and Gadgeteer’s clean coding style he was able to get every project working and by the end of the night was amazed at the devices he built, so much so he was excited by his new skills he and was describing devices that he now wanted to try building.

Gadgeteer is the One, when someone who has never coded before can within one class build and code cool devices and more importantly be excited about building more, that is the power of Gadgeteer and I see it at least once in every class I teach. The Internet of Things might be big but the Internet of Me gets people excited and Gadgeteer is the perfect platform for making that happen. No doubt I’ll see this again next Wednesday night when I teach this class again.


Amen to that, I remember when I took your class there were some newbies who were totally getting into it!

If you ever need any help with that class let me know, happy to be a TA.

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Glad you enjoyed it. I’m thinking in July I’ll teach a Gadgeteer/Azure/IoT class on a couple of Saturday mornings as a more advanced class. It will be about a three hour class, but should cover the topic fairly well.

@ Duke Nukem - Excellent, any ideas on what I’ll need for it? I’m already looking at my next order. Right now I have a Cerberus with USB SP, Ethernet, Light, TempHumid, and Moisture.

@ Squeebee - You will need a Spider or Raptor as we will be using HTTPS and a wifi module for networking. You already have the light and temp/humidity modules I was planning on for sensors for the project.

I’m thinking of doing the first Gadgeteer/Azure/IoT class on July 11th starting at 10AM as I should be in town and given I don’t drink will likely be one of the few who won’t be hung over from stampeding the night before. Yep folks it really is the greatest outdoor show on earth

@ Duke Nukem - It would be great if you could video your classes and post them for us to watch. I know that is a big task, but thought I would mention it.

@ terrence - If I appear in a video then my Hollywood agent gets involved and even worse I have to be careful what I say about the store down the hall, their products and their questionable definition of ‘innovation’, among my many other comments (sometimes I can be the Don Cherry of Technology, and if you were a Canadian you would know exactly what that means), but hey I haven’t been neck deep in the brown stuff in awhile, so I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

Basically the main project we build is this one

@ Duke Nukem - I get it. Thanks and I will watch tonight.

@ Duke Nukem - Can I ask, what is your job? Are you just a Gadgeteer crusader? a Microsoft teacher who loves Gadgeteer? some touring Gadgeteer man who gives classes?

You talk about these classes but I never really found out exactly what or who your working for.

@ MRTFEREN - Currently I’m employed by Southland Transport ( ) and drive a school bus. I just love Gadgeteer and I’m spreading the goodness around as throughout my IT career I’d hate to guess how many presentations etc I’ve given (or even this year for that matter). I’ve been a Microsoft MVP ( Microsoft MVP Award ) for the last 12 years. I used to do startup companies, but got tired of it, as I love technology, creating products, business, customers, building teams, etc, but the folks who only loved the money sucked the fun out of it for me.

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@ Duke Nukem - Wow, that is impressive. It looks like you have gotten yourself to a position in life to do exactly what you (and the rest of us) love to do. My day job is really getting in the way my night hobby! Cheers.


@ terrence - I miss being part of a ‘team on a mission’ and have been thinking about trying to find a BA type gig somewhere (don’t want to be the chief anymore). Otherwise Gadgeteer has been very important to me as I’ve thought up, built, tested hundreds of devices using Gadgeteer so Gadgeteer is a huge creativity outlet for me.

Today’s good news is my local Microsoft Store is giving me Saturday Morning July 11th from 9:30AM to 1:30PM to teach a Gadgeteer/Azure class, so that is a huge chunk of store prime time for them to clear off for me, so now I have to make that class worthy of their generosity.


So you made millions, and then retired to drive a school bus? Or does driving a school bus pay really well?

You should move to Michigan :wink:

You owe me a new keyboard as my drink went for a fly when I read that. I drive a school bus as it gives me some structure to my day, and I have really great kids on my bus (I only drive special needs runs, so I’m the commander of a short bus). I wake up do my run, come home geek out, do my afternoon run and come home make diner etc and then geek out some more. If I was to get really motivated I have a ton of ideas how Gadgeteer could help a bus company (and I’m not just talking GPS tracking) and how technology in general could help my kids with life and school and those ideas are almost motivating enough to get back in the game, but working with school boards is freaking near impossible as I’ve tried in the past and the frustration level was killer.

@ Gus are there job openings for school bus drivers in Michigan :slight_smile:

Yes a gadgeteer school bus driver :slight_smile:

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@ Duke Nukem - If you can video the show at the MS office.

Ok, now I will be going to your next event just to see how you are dressed. :wink:

@ Squeebee - Ask him to where the wig. :whistle:

@ Gary - I only put on the hair if I’m doing a rock concert. I did a Azure and Mobile Apps presentation a couple of weeks ago and wore a tie-dyed tshirt and salt and pepper (OK mostly salt) beard and didn’t get a single Garcia tweet.

@ Squeebee tonight I’ll add some color worthy of Don Cherry and wear my Dashiki