Gadgeteer in the UK

Supplies of GHI Gadgeteer products seem to be dwindling in the UK. One supplier is stopping stocking it altogether and another didn’t even have the USB Client DP module and said there was a 6 week lead time. I see that GHI has everything in stock, so I ordered it from there but now have to pay a $30 delivery. A UK supplier said that GHI were discontinuing a bunch of stuff, but I don’t see evidence of that on here.

Any idea what’s going on and if I can get this stuff from a UK supplier other than Cool Components or Proto-Pic?


Check Mouser. GHI has marked about 40 modules/boards as Legacy just recently.

Do we know which ones?

We [em]knew [/em]that for a few days, as it was shown in the catalog. I guess everything that is not in it, are no longer kept in stock.

What you see in the catalog today is what we and distributors should have for a while. Please contact us directly with any issues with distributors so we can handle it.

@ Jason - You should come to Stevenage to build your own :wink:

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@ Jason - here is the details of the Stevenage weekend
I spoke to Proto Pic this morning and yes they are discontinuing Gadgeteer :frowning:
Cool components still have stock though? i think ?

@ HughB - Time to get Modlabs upto speed :wink:

Yes it may be. Need to talk to Gus re MOQ though

@ HughB I’m seriously considering it. I’ll check my schedule and see if I cab make it work. It’s only an hours drive.

+1 for the Stevenage weekend, I did find out too that Proto Pic was discontinuing selling Gadgeteer products :frowning: