Gadgeteer Home Automation System

Marco Minerva has blogged about another great project. This time, it is about home automation.

The flexibly of gadgeteer combined with GHI Premium features, such as WiFi, simplifies creating custom home automation systems. They can also be used for a proof of concept then one of the System on Modules (SoM) can be used in final production.

What makes this different than any other offer on the market:

  1. There is no Operating System, just NETMF. No updates, no viruses and no hacker attacks.
  2. Built in graphics support with graphical controls, JPEG decoder and custom fonts. Glide is one of the great options and it is free
  3. The WiFi support is a real support, not a serial to WiFi bridge. Developers will use standard .NET programming, just like on the PC, to establish connection and transfer data.

Full details and source codes are found at Gadgeteer Home Automation System | Integral Design

Here is a video from Marco of what you can do in few hours/days


Good one as usual! Great job Marco!


Nicely done.