Gadgeteer for 4.2

Thanks Microsoft

We will be busy updating the mainboards and module drivers to support 4.2…very soon.

This will be very important for FEZ Cerberus and its cousins.

Great news! BTW - FEZ Cerberus has more than one cousin? :think:

Thanks, Gus! Here’s the announcement:

For those who have built modules, you’ll need to build a .NETMF 4.2 assembly for your module driver in order for it to work with 4.2 mainboards. There’s a new module template in the Builder Templates package at This template provides a place for both 4.1 and 4.2 drivers and builds an installation package for you containing both.

Updates coming to the Mainboard and Module Builder’s Guides shortly.

Great! Thank you!

Woo! Hoo!

Well, Gus, we should wait till the GHI installer is done and upgraded to 4.2 right?


Correct. You can’t do much with the core without the board drivers.

Apart from supporting VB what are the main hot points for .NETMF 4.2?

Built-in OneWire and PWM are biggies, for those who weren’t using GHI’s awesome libraries :wink:

StringBuilder & RegEx!

Awesome :slight_smile: thanks Ian

Oh, and I forgot… FTP

@ Kerry the announcement link is broken due to a “.” at the end. Here’s the link for the lazy:

Same problem with the Builder Templates package link:

@ aquaseal - that’s a bug in the forum software. As a rule, I always put URLs on a line all by themselves to prevent this.

What device do you use? You need to upgrade firmware.

You’re trying to deploy a 4.2 project to a board that still has 4.1.

The GHI Support downloads only shows 4.1. I did not see 4.2 support.

Check this thread:

Thank you very much for the link. I am running the GHI Spider. I was finally able to get both the SDK and firmware at 4.1 and that works. I have every device that came with the kit talking to the Spider main board. I will move to 4.2 and see how it goes. Thanks again!