Gadgeteer driver template - where?

Hi guys, I am trying to write a nice driver for the DFRduino sound player, and I think I have seen a driver template somewhere, but cant find it.

Anyone knows where it is? :think:


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Ahh, you mean the .NET Gadgeteer Module Builder’s Guide version 1.10 ?? Which is good.

As I remember, there was a complete driver source file, with lots of comments in, and event-pattern and other good stuff…??

It’s the Builder Templates you need.

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Is it Visual Studio templates you are talking about (they are on the same page)?

Got it. Thanks both, I needed the Wix stuff installed for the template to work. Thanks both!

I believe you need Wix 3.5 and not the latest version of Wix, someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

I’ve got the latest one and it works perfectly.

Got newest. Seems to work great.