Gadgeteer Display Non-Gadgeteer Test Code


i try to get a 7" Display to run. I have taken the code from “GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software”.
When i try to Run it the compiler “or whatever” says:
Fehler 1 Ein partial-Modifizierer in der Deklaration des Typs “Display_Troubleshooting_NETMF.Program” fehlt. Es ist eine andere partielle Deklaration dieses Typs vorhanden. C:\Users\Kai\documents\visual studio 2010\Projects\Display Troubleshooting NETMF\Display Troubleshooting NETMF\Program.cs 15 18 Display Troubleshooting NETMF

How get rid of this?

FEZ Spider?

Also, please translate the output to English.

Thanks to google translate! :slight_smile:

“Error 1 A partial modifier in the declaration of the type “Display_Troubleshooting_NETMF.Program” is missing. There is another partial declaration of this type available.”

You are using non-gadgeteer example in the gadgeteer project. There is more auto-generated code in the Program class in the Gadgeteer project.

FEZ Spider? Yes!

In the Program.generadet.cs is the problem I thik when I turn the Compiler off for Program.generated.cs the compiler runns through.
There are two “public class Program : Microsoft.SPOT.Application” in Program.cs and “public partial class Program : Gadgeteer.Program” in Program.generated.cs declarations. Do I need the “Progam.generated.cs” to be compiled?

Thanks for the fast Anwers!

Start a new project and buil, do not change those properties…