Gadgeteer Diaper Sensor

Yes, our friend Pete went there…


That is some project! Any beta testers? ;D


You guys are crazy :o ::slight_smile:

FWIW, I did suggest that Pete add a “don’t try this at home” disclaimer. Pretty sure that babies and voltage don’t mix. :slight_smile:

You MS guys get paid to do this kind of blogging? Awesome!

Hey, I would like to point out here that I have never blogged about babies’ bodily functions. So let’s not go all “you MS guys” on this one, OK. :wink:

Although I do admit that the idea came out of our joint presentation at CMAP Code Camp, so I suppose I bear at least some small responsibility for the result…

I’m just disappointed these ideas are all cropping up after my kids are potty trained. I’m tempted to put my 6yo and 3yo in diapers again just for the projects :wink:

And I didn’t go all the way there. For the parents in the group, pee isn’t even remotely a concern. I’ll stay away from the other types of sensing though, especially those that would do better with a seismic activity detector…

… although, I bet I could do something interesting with a piezo there… hmm.

As for getting paid to do stuff like this, sort-of. There will be fewer diaper sensor posts once we’re allowed to talk about Win8 in detail, but you can bet I’ll find ways to put these into a type of mash-up* :slight_smile:


  • oh yes I did :wink:


This is actually very good timing. Me & my wife were just talking about making such a device the other day. My toddlers are going through a stage of regression in that department… They’re old enough that I think something cruel is perhaps in order. :smiley: I hadn’t even thought about the moisture sensor module :slight_smile: Now if Gus will just release a mainboard that’s in the near disposable price range…

Oooh! I smell a Win8 tile dedicated to wet sheets…

Nice job!

@ Ian

You don’t need a disposable mainboard…just a longer cable.

We really ARE a bunch of mad scientists, aren’t we? :wink:

Please do not forget that this technology is also applicable to some of the older member of this community. :-[

Yea. But, I need disposable rates so that I can afford to put one in every room :wink:

Actually, now that I think about it… That sensor could probably be connected directly to an XBee and have a central MCU/PC monitor the output wirelessly.

Another approach would be to use an air quality sensor. :o

With my son, that sort of sensor would never stop going off… :wink:


I considered using a gas sensor or air quality sensor like the ones at Seeed

I do recall that my son would have set one of those off on a pretty regular basis, though :slight_smile:

A sound sensor would have similar properties.

The name of this sensor seems appropriate


@ Pete
I see they also have alcohol sensors, might come in handy when they get a bit older :wink: