Gadgeteer Core 2.43.900 released

Gadgeteer Core 2.43.900 just released on codeplex


Sound like Microsoft is working that new Chinese team over pretty good and code is happening, so party on Garth!!!

I think the last legal team working on this is now slinging noodles in a dive in Guangzhou, so the current legal team might be a little more motivated to keep up :slight_smile:

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Oooh… I like seeing DHCP bugs stomped out. Hopefully, one of those fixes my problem. Still haven’t bought a new router…

Are these minor changes in the gadgeteer core in in the NETMF core?
Sounds more like issues from NETMF, not Gadgeteer.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - they are Gadgeteer fixes.

Actually the Chinese team had nothing to do with this release.

The thanks go to Corentin Zill (CSA Engineering / Mountaineer Group), Justin Wilson, John Brochue (GHI Electronics), Jan KuÄŤera and in particular James Scott (Microsoft Research Cambridge) for their concerted effort!

But it looks like the Chinese team is gathering speed and, according to the new NETMF program manager’s boss, who attended [em]Embedded World[/em] in Nürnberg, support for Visual Studio 2013 is next on the agenda.


Interesting, why is this happening behind the scenes?

And thanks to all you brilliant guys!

Sorry, don’t understand what you mean by “behind the scenes” ?

The Gadgeteer team are a different set of folks than the netmf team, and always have been. Think of them like layers of an onion, netmf is the middle, foundation layer, and Gadgeteer is a wrapper

You mean layers like an ogre :slight_smile:

Much better reference, yes :slight_smile: HEreafter you shall be known as Duke Shrek.

@ Brett - i better not be Donkey in this production :smiley:

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Or like parfait - everybody likes parfait. I need a new waffle maker module.

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But donkey is the cool one.
And a way better look to the voice anyway :smiley:

I made no such reference. You were the first one to suggest such a thing, and hereafter you shall be known as Jonkey. Not Quite Justin, Not Quite Donkey. :smiley:

I completely aware of the layers stuff… :slight_smile: BUT looking at the Gadgeteer developer and coordinator list on codeplex, I dont see the people that Cuno mentions. So something is going on somewhere out of my sight. Where is that?

James and Jan are listed among the coordinators.

some of the hit songs were produced with behind the scene folks :slight_smile: