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Gadgeteer Community - get new drivers for your old modules here


After experimenting with Git/GitHub I decided before I started shoving flaming pens in my eyes (maybe I’m just not cool enough to use it, I don’t know, but I was there when the command line was invented and used a mechanical teletype so maybe I’m just too old) to switch over to CodePlex and so I will/have uploaded some updated drivers for currently unsupported modules here:

uploaded this far

Love Electronics Button drivers
Love Electronics LEDArray drivers
SolderMonkey AddaSlide drivers
SolderMonkey TripleSlide drivers

Note if you just want the installer exe, no problem they are under the Download section on the site.

I will upload drivers from SolderMonkey, GMod, RansomHall, and will update and move my DFRobot drivers to this location as well. I might even chuck up some IngenuityMicro drivers given @ Justin’s extended vacation on a warm beach somewhere as when I look out my office windows its a bright sunny -20C (low forecasted tonight is a ripping -30C) and while I’m surrounded by water, its all frozen and called snow. Yep we are into the 8 month season we call ‘Coding Time’ here in Calgary.

If anyone else has some module drivers, etc they would like to share on this site please let me know or if you have an old module you would like new drivers for let me know as well and I’ll see what I can do.


I added a driver for the SolderMonkey Encoder module and in the 4.3 version I added a button pressed/released event which wasn’t in previous versions.

If anyone who has these modules could download the drivers and take them for a test drive I would appreciate it. I have included simple test apps in each driver so folks can get an idea of how to use the modules.


Can you make me a developer on the the project? Also, I added you as a developer for the MakeTracks project. Instead of adding the 4.3 MakeTracks code to wegadgeteer, how about adding a link to MakeTracks?


@ ransomhall - I’ll add the MakeTracks 4.3 version to your CodePlex project (I just have some testing and such to do first) and I added you as a Developer in the Gadgeteer Community.


This is a great initiative! Why not put the dfrobot drivers in same location?


Sorry :slight_smile: