Gadgeteer code approved for release

Howdy folks. I just wanted to drop you a quick bit of Gadgeteer news. I just received word from our internal legal team that my request to open-source the full Gadgeteer source tree has finally been approved. It was a very long path and not always the center of my attention, but it’s done and the code will soon show up on Github.

I hope that the community finds this code useful either as a reference work or a source of new development on Gadgeteer, but I want to emphasize that this release does NOT mean that Microsoft will be doing new development of Gadgeteer. Gadgeteer is no longer supported or released as a product by Microsoft, but this release of source code is meant to give the Gadgeteer community the ability to continue with it in whatever form you care to.

I have a couple of minor source-code management tasks to take care of and I will follow up here with the URL of the repository once it is open to the public.


@mcalsyn, Thanks dude!

Appreciate your effort !


Great news! You finally did it. I bet this was a lot of work to get the process through the mothership.

Wow, good work Martin.

Looking forward to the TinyClr Gadgeteer support! :imp:



Thanks a lot.

This is fantastic news, @mcalsyn! Thank you for your efforts!

Every bit helps, and this is fantastic!!!
Thanks for you efforts!

Thanks for all the positive words folks. I have a drop of the full tree now and I am doing the required ‘sweep’ of the code. This also includes all of the code that was previously hosted on codeplex, so I may check in the codeplex code first and then the full tree so that you can clearly see additions and differences.

We’ve discussed internally where to hang the source, and it looks like it may end up within the netmf github org, so that it can sit alongside those repos. I am headed off on vacation for a month starting Wednesday, but that’s probably good news because it means that I can work on this without interfering with my Microsoft day-job duties. And yes, that’s my kind of vacation.


What exotic Polynesian island are you escaping to? :airplane:

Romania. Kind of the other direction.

Got it.

…adding sentence to get around 10 char minimum.

A very, very good news ! Your work is very appreciated.

Any news there @mcalsyn for code release

Vacations among the netmf administrators and my own vacation caused a pause here. The netmf folks just returned and got me Admin access to their org tree. I am still in Romania vacationing with family until 9/13 (to be followed by intense jetlag when I return). I have been making progress on the code scrub required by Microsoft legal, so I should be able to post it all before the end of September.


thanx for sharing information (and sorry for disturb during your own vocation)

No worries at all! I’m actually quite anxious to get this done.


Thank you very much for your work

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