Gadgeteer Classes are back on in Calgary

I’ll be teaching my ‘Hands on Gadgeteer Lab’ again this year with the first class September 16th. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a couple of Saturday mornings available for the Azure/Gadgeteer end to end IoT class as well. So if you’re in Calgary and want to learn about Gadgeteer, IoT, Azure, Power BI, etc…


I never tire of watching people use Gadgeteer for the first time and that ‘WOW!!!’ moment when their devices work and the door opens to tons of whole new possibilities. I have one fellow last night who was a circuit designer with 30 years of experience who has done some Arduino stuff and he couldn’t believe how cool Gadgeteer was, once again Gadgeteer has proved it is the best kept secret on the planet, hell I bet Snowden doesn’t even know about Gadgeteer.

As a Microsoft Shareholder I’m a bit ticked that I’m losing out on some easy sales profits as again I had people ask if they could buy Gadgeteer at the Microsoft store. I might have to open a Gadgeteer store from the back of my van in the alley behind the store or something :slight_smile:

Next class is Sept 30th as I have a Calgary .Net User Group meeting on the 23rd (might be some Raspberry Pi talking happening that night maybe I should unleash the FEZ Cream on the Pi, but then I’d have to supply brain explosion helmets and I don’t have those yet).


Get a long coat and sew pockets on the inside.

And sell T-shirts. That’s where the rock stars make most of their money :wink:

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You have given me an idea for a wearable project that is truly worthy.

Just make sure THIS TIME you wear clothes under the coat… :wink:

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