Gadgeteer Case

My father owns an injection molding business has has asked me for possible ideas on new designs to produce.

I have been thinking about a generic Gadgeteer case that would allow the mounting of Hydra or Cerberus board with a common base and then have the ability to add either a solid top or one designed to house a T35 screen etc.

Attached is a work in progress of the sort of thing i was thinking.

Anyone want to put their 2c worth in on ideas and improvements?

You just got your father a customer!

no love for spider? can you post a dimensioned drawing? I would be concerned with clearances on the socket side of the board for the potential rats nest that can develop because of the ribbon cables. I think it would be better to have something like the Tamiya mounting plate on top (Pololu - Tamiya 70172 Universal Plate L (210x160mm)), or at least be sized to interface easily with those sorts of boards instead of having a solid plate or interface for the T35. I would argue that in this situation enabling modularity would be key.

I like the idea about the T35.

  • What about Spiders?

  • How would one connect external power / USB?

  • What about a slight taller design to accommodate a middle tier (like the Tamiya boards) for modules?

@ strott - Yes also will include the Spider but need to think about the underside and the EMX module clearing the stand offs for the other boards.
Good idea about the Tamiya plate, will have a wee thinkie about that.

@ mhectorgato - like i said work in progress and all ideas welcome :wink:

Yeah - he beat me to it :smiley:

Hi Justin,
I would recommend punching few tiny breathing holes at the bottom for the EMX module, because it does sometimes get hot at least in my case. maybe engraving G in holes which would serve two purposes 1. breathing holes and a G as a cool LOGO for gadgeteer. :wink:

other than it looks good.

How do I order? :slight_smile:

@ Gus - I was going to ask if GHI wanted to sell them after a design was finalized…

@ Jay Jay - Good idea - ta

@ Justin - This is very nice.

Good job. I agree there needs to be a place for other modules to fit. It could be a middle layer or maybe just make it a little big all around and modules could attach on the outer edges. You can definitely put me down for a few. If you can talk Gus out of some dimensions on the upcoming 7" display, I would make it so that it can fit as well.

@ ianlee74 - Yeah i was wondering about the 7" display and maybe that defines the overall dimensions at the moment it’s 100mm x 100mm

glad you like it…
and here is the ART Drawing for the G:


@ Michael - Thanks, hopefully i/we can come up with a useful compromise.

A middle sandwich layer along the lines of something like [this] maybe? This one’s meant for Netduino Go but I expect it’s on the same 5mm grid as Gadgeteer.

@ RorschachUK - Ta, food for thought.

I would like to see a universal Gadgeteer case. This would be a prototyping case,
not a product case.

I would suggest a larger box with a 5MM hole pattern drilled into the bottom. This would
allow for the mounting of any Gadgeteer board plus several modules. It should
like it big enough for a 7" display.

It would also be good to have several holes/slots in the sides to allow for connecting

Several different tops would for different sized screen would also be nice.

I definitely like the case. I agree there’s room to modify a bit. How about room for 2 modules on either side of the main board. That way we could easily add on a power supply and maybe SD card or wifi or whatever. I would definitely by a couple for prototyping.