Gadgeteer cable connector part number

Does anyone have a part number for the Gadgeteer cable connector (1.27mm pitch)? Samtec’s site will allow you to “build a cable” and get a part number, but I’m interested in the connector itself. I can’t track down a part number for just the connector.

Anyone have it?

It’s in here… somewhere. Hold on, I’ll find it in my email…

[edit] SHF-105-01-L-D-SM

BTW - their eagle library is [italic]very[/italic] sparse

That’s the shrouded header (male, mounted on the PCB). What about the female side (IDC, attached to the cable)?

Digikey gives a “mating part”, but it’s described as 20 position, not 10 position. The part numbers also do not make sense when you look at Samtec’s part number scheme explanation.

Maybe it’s not possible to buy the connectors separately? Only with a cable?

Look for FFSD

I’ve been all over Samtec’s site. The catalog page is for “IDC Wire Cables”, not just the connectors. I’m beginning to think it’s impossible to purchase the connectors separately.

How many do you need?

@ godefroi - the part builder is the easiest way to get what you want. for a 6 inch cable the part number is FFSD-05-D-06.00-01-N. You can see where to change the part number for different lengths (06.00). Unless you buy huge volume, the price is not much less than what GHI charges here. Samtec is very generous with samples, though. So if you need <10, request some.

There site navigation is far from intuitive.

What if you want a 0 inch cable?

The reason I ask is because I found these neato breadboard-friendly IDC connectors over at SparkFun:

One of these on one end, and a Gadgeteer connector on the other, and voila, Gadgeteer-to-breadboard nirvana!

@ godefroi

Couldn’t you just crimp one of these in the middle of an existing Gadgeteer cable? Then you would be able to use it for breadboarding, or connecting a module, no?

@ godefrio: those IDC headers from Sparkfun are for ‘normal’ ribbon cable. They will not work with the Gadgeteer ribbon cables. One of the forum members, ransomhall, r is selling a ‘make bread’ module which goes from the Gadgeteer header to a single row of 0.1" holes for use on a bread board.

Indeed you could, but the dang cables are $2.50 per, and nearly all of that is the cost of the connectors (I assume…).

Disturbingly enough, these cables are $7-$8 straight from Digi-Key, and they’re non-stock.

I guess the thing to do is to buy a pack of cables, cut them all in half, add the connector, and then sell them :slight_smile:

The cable and connector price problem has come up several times. I like the “zero length” connector idea - some kind of adapter that gets us to a cheaper cabling option. Takes care of half the battle. GHI has some “secret source” for this stuff, but I would imagine the volume is huge for an order.

Feel like your over the barrel on this one? Kind of like that scene in Pulp Fiction :o

I don’t really think the pricing is THAT outrageous, given that we’re talking about prototyping and hobbyist level stuff here, not giant production runs, and the modules all come with the necessary cables anyway.

I also understand why they went with the connectors they did, the reasons are good, it’s just a little disappointing that Samtec doesn’t seem to want to supply the connectors alone to regular folk like us.

I just ordered 100 of the connectors directly from Samtec. They have no problem at all selling them to you directly. If you are going to order one or two you are better off getting them from GHI, if you want a quantity of them then you might get a better deal from Samtec.

What is up with the forum? Typing anything takes for ever!

Are the Gadgeteer ribbon cables using smaller conductors than “normal” ribbon cables?


Where “normal” is 28AWG?

It usually written on the ribbon cable. By normal do you mean like an IDE hard drive cable?

By ‘normal’ ribbon cable I am referring to ribbon that is designed for ‘normal’ 0.1" connectors. The Gadgeeter uses 0.050" (1.27mm) headers so the ribbon has to be very thin.

I see, I have just checked a bunch.
I have 28,30,32 AWG. Most of them are 30 even for ‘normal’ 0.1" connectors.