Gadgeteer Bluetooth Module Schematics

Anyone know where they are? They don’t seem to be in Codeplex… I noticed this one is in the GHI part of the tree not Seeed - I don’t know why but I always assumed this was a Seeed module - not very observant am I


Is this what you are looking for?

Close, thanks ! I actually want the Eagle files for the BT module footprint, although I suspect I have one from another source that should fit.

Ping for Steven - in case you’re interested, the design files for this module still aren’t checked in (there are a few that don’t )

Small tangent here. Anyone know how capable these modules are for handling 5v input on the 3v3 line ? :s breadboard mistake (not on my Gadgeteer one) and I can’t tell if either it’s fried the module or if my bodged up connection isn’t working… I’m trying to add this to a Panda, so I think it’s time to solder up my second one and cross my fingers.