Gadgeteer Binary Clock

I’ve created a Binary Clock using a FEZ Spider and various components. I’m attaching a picture. I’ve blogged about the process here:

I’ve also included the source code in the blog posts.

Hope someone else finds this useful and has a go at building one. I’ve got it on my desk telling me the time. It syncs with a time service over the network so I always know its the right time. And I get to do a little bit of maths each time :slight_smile:

LEDs are ways fun. Thanks

Good blog posts. Thanks.

Thanks for sharing! I love binary clocks. For my computer architecture class in college, I built a 32-bit [virtual] RSC (really simple computer) with a custom binary clock display and decoder then programmed the binary clock in assembly. The RSC didn’t have an RTC, so it wasn’t very accurate but the concept was the same. Lot’s of fun! I dream of one day having the time to build it again using real components and hanging it on my wall :smiley: